The country now offers a number of engineering programs.

It’s worth your while pursuing a professional degree from Russia. Not only would you be studying in a foreign country, but you can also benefit from the travel and exposure to a new society and culture. The admission process is simple and does not require candidates to take common entrance tests or the English language proficiency test. If cost is an issue, students can opt to study in Russian instead of English. However, candidates must take an intensive 10-month coaching to master the language.

Russia has become the most sought after country for aspiring doctors. Around 85 to 90 percent of Indian students are studying medicine there, says, managing director of Study Abroad, an authorized education consultant for Russia.

This year, as India and Russia mark 70 years of diplomatic ties, For over five decades, defense cooperation has been the centerpiece of the strategic partnership between India and Russia. This partnership goes beyond mere trade ties, rather it has elevated to a level where it entails a much more collaborative effort in the spheres of research, design development and production of state of the art military platforms.

Russian-Indian Association of Institutions of “Higher Education”. The Memorandum of Interest (MOI) was signed in the presence of the President of India Pranab Mukherjee in Moscow.

The cost of completing a medical degree is lower than that in self-financing medical colleges or universities in India. A total of 57 government medical universities in Russia are recognized by the Medical Council of India and are listed in the World Health Organisation’s Directory of Medical schools. Russian universities have now opened their doors to aspiring engineers too.

Russian universities have now opened their doors to aspiring engineers too. Russian universities have now opened their doors to aspiring engineers too. Programs such as computer science engineering, biomedical engineering, and nuclear power engineering have been launched.

At present, 20 full scholarships are available for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. As an increasing number of students are heading to Russia for education, the country has increased the number of scholarships.

The Russian Consulate in India has so far received over 100 applications for scholarships, says, Vice-Consul of Consulate General of Russia.

As for visa restrictions, there are none. Students are given a multiple-entry visa that is renewed at the end of each year.

On an average, around five to six percent of Russian students fail to qualify. But in the case of Indian students, it is around three to five percent. On whether all candidates who apply for higher education programs.



Why Indian students choose Russian schools

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