Among 1,345 students awarded the European Union-funded Erasmus Mundus scholarships (The Erasmus program, the premier scheme for students throughout the EU who wish to study abroad, comes with a series of possible scholarships that are designed to aid the students in getting the placement they want. Students are split into categories for consideration as scholarship candidates.), Indians with 63 scholarships were the second largest beneficiaries after Brazil

studyabroadaliffoverseasSelected for 63 scholarships from among nearly 24,000 applicants, Indian students are the second largest beneficiaries, after Brazil, of the European Union-funded Erasmus Mundus Programme.
They will be studying for joint masters degrees in Europe and will have all costs of study covered for about two years. About 1,345 students from all over the world have been awarded the scholarships in 2017.

Erasmus Mundus started as a mobility scheme for higher education in 1987 with just 3,200 students in the first year. It now benefits 300,000 students per year.

An EU report released recently said the 2017 awardees were selected from nearly 24,000 applicants. EU students and others from five countries that have signed up and pay to take part in the Erasmus program will get 25% of the scholarship. The remaining 75% will go to students in partner countries. Scholars from over 120 countries will benefit from the EU-funded scholarships.

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Brazil leads the sending countries with 79 scholarships, followed by India (63), Iran (59), Bangladesh (58) and Mexico (49). The US, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Philippines, and Ukraine also figure prominently in the list.

Currently, there are 100 Erasmus Mundus joint masters degree programs on offer, involving 513 institutions. Each program is offered by a consortium of at least three higher education institutions.

The program provides opportunities for study periods and traineeships or apprenticeships for both higher education and vocational education and training, youth exchanges, volunteering and staff exchanges in all fields of education, training, youth, and sport.

studyabroad1,345 students from all over the world have been awarded the scholarships in 2017 (EC-DG EAC, European Commission)
Around 5,000 Indian students from all parts of India have been recipients of the Erasmus Mundus Masters scholarships between 2004 and 2016, making India the single largest beneficiary of the program.

About 40 new Masters programs will be added to the Erasmus Mundus program this summer. Existing offers include a wide range of subjects, including astrophysics, economics, nanotechnology, and business.

The application period for the next selection round will run from October 2017 to January 2018.

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